I'll never forget my first trip to Disneyland. One of my favorite things was the Monsanto House of the Future. According to that great attraction, telephones would be much more portable. Food would be prepared in a fraction of the time it normally took and we'd all have flying cars.

Okay, so they missed on the flying cars, but they were so accurate on so many other points. We do have very portable phones and meals can be knocked out in no time at all. they were right on a great many other predictions as well and it's interesting to see just how accurate some of those predictions really were.

In this video, the folks at "Think Facts" dug up a bunch of videos that predicted things we would have in the future. The thing about these videos is that, while they may not have nailed exactly how these modern conveniences were going to look, they certainly got it right on function.

Some of the predictions are so accurate that it's almost scary.

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