How many of you read that and thought, great at least I won't have to suffer through the Saints and Panthers game? It's Biblical Prophecy time on the Internet and we would be remiss if we didn't bring you the basics so you could prepare.

Somehow I don't think to prepare for the end of the world is like preparing for a hurricane, the holidays, or a week in Gulf Shores.  I am guessing this would be a lot more spiritual preparation.

As you may have figured out this prophecy has something to do with the eclipse that occurred earlier this year. September 23rd, this Saturday, will mark 33 days since the eclipse. 33 is a very relevant number in Biblical prophecies, it's connected to a lot of different things.

According to a Christian numerologist, Saturday night two creatures will appear above Jerusalem and Israel. That's what you see if you watch the video above.

One of those creatures a mythical pregnant woman. The other creature will be a seven-headed dragon. Those two will go to scrapping and create a whole bunch of celestial collateral damage.

By the way, scientists at NASA aren't buying into this scenario. They say based on their observations the universe appears to be holding its own and should last well beyond Saturday. That would include the Earth.

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