One thing about growing up in Texas, I knew a lot of rednecks. Hell, I was related to most of them. Now, say what you will about rednecks, they are without a doubt masters of "making do." If you know any rednecks, or if you are one, you know that statement is absolutely true.

I had a lot of relatives who lived in the country, or as I called it, "the woods." It seems that they were always "inventing" something. Sometimes, they came up with some really clever solutions to problems they may have had there on the farm. It seems that the main point of redneck engineering is the use of items to fulfill jobs they were not intended to fulfill.

There are truck beds used as swimming pools, shopping carts turned into go-carts and I've seen more than one family car with a home window A/C unit sticking out of a rolled down car window. There just seems to be no end to the imagination and resourcefulness of a good ole boy (or gal)

Next time you find yourself in a situation that only McGuyver could solve, just call on a redneck.




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