In my travels around Lake Charles I've encountered some interesting situations at intersections around town. This is the only place we've lived, so far, where there are plenteous traffic islands where folks making right turns have to yield to those making lefts! There are also intersections where it might be a good idea to have a snack, because you'll be there a while! I'm no traffic engineer, but I know there's technology that senses the presence of a vehicle and tells that signal to change to allow that vehicle through the intersection when there's no traffic. So, here are my picks for the worst traffic lights in town.

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    Sale Road & Nelson Road

    Only happens at night (during those nebulous overnight hours, actually)

    On those occasions when I've done the morning show, I'd catch the light red Eastbound on Sale at about 5AM.  No traffic on Nelson, but I sat there for about a minute.  When we left town for Hurricane Ike at 3AM, same deal.

    Sale & Nelson Road (Photo by Dave Morgan)
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    College and Lake Street

    This left turn arrow is quick!

    Most of the left turn arrows in town let about 4 vehicles through, but when making a left turn from College onto Southbound Lake Street, the green left turn arrow turned to amber as soon as the first vehicle started through.  I recently discovered that the arrow now stays green for 6 seconds!

    College and Lake Street (Photo by David Morgan)
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    Pujo and Lakeshore Drive

    If  you're making a left, don't be in a hurry!

    Seems to take forever for this light to change, even when there's no traffic on Lakeshore.  Doesn't matter which side of Lakeshore you're on. Works equally well exiting the Civic Center!

    Pujo & Lakeshore (Photo by David Morgan)
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    Mill Street at Ryan

    My original choice was Kirby and Ryan

    My original choice was Kirby and Ryan, but, since that's under construction for the city street scaping, it's a 4-way stop now. Ryan and Pujo would work, too. Stop for the red, and watch as no traffic crosses on Ryan.

    Ryan & Mill (Photo by David Morgan)
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    The Nelson Road I210 West Prien Lake intersection.

    What a mess.

    Stuck in the intersection because there's not enough room for my vehicle, even though my signal is green? Words cannot really describe the chaos you may encounter here. Venture forth at your own risk.

    David Morgan