The $4.9 million project to improve access to downtown from I-10 is, at long last, completed. Starting today the westbound portion of that project will be accessable and will, no doubt result in an easier less circuitous way for us to reach downtown when heading west on I-10.

In addition to better access to downtown, the new project also has a longer deceleration ramp for westbound traffic. According to Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach:

"[This] construction project is a great example of what can be done when government agencies work together.The new exit ramps improve access to the downtown area from I-10 and give residents and visitors a direct access point to get off the busy interstate corridor and visit our thriving downtown district.”

The $4.9 million project was funded by the City of Lake Charles, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the State of Louisiana's Capital Outlay program.

Now if everyone will just observe the yield signs, everything should run smoothly. good luck with that.

Many thanks, as always, to our good friends at KPLC for allowing us to use their picture in this story.

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