Since November of last year, the Ryan Street exit along I-10 westbound has been closed and construction is a bit behind schedule because of the massive amounts of rain we've had. But, there is an end in sight.


Joe Raedle/Getty Images News
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News

The Ryan Street Exit along I-10 Westbound will once again be open to drivers within the next month. The off ramp has been closed while under construction since November 2014.

The project will provide a new westbound off ramp to Ryan Street and a frontage road north of I-10. It's a $4.9 million project in hopes to give drivers more accessibility. The new frontage road will make a continuous corridor from north Lakeshore Drive to Opelousas Street.

The project was originally expected to be complete this May, but due to weather, construction was delayed. DOTD hopes to finish the project in time for the Independence Day holiday.

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