At the end of every episode of 'The Price Is Right' the two remaining contestants bid on respective "showcases" of prizes, with the winner being the one who gets closest to the prizes' actual price without going over.

It's a simple enough concept, but on a recent episode a contestant named Mary got pretty tripped up by it.

Her showcase was two snowmobiles, designer coats, and a trip to Finland. Perhaps Mary had spent her life in a warm-weather environment, because she clearly had no idea what these items would run.

So she appealed to the audience, and that's when things got drawn out and awkwardly funny. "$14,000. $9,000. $21,000," she called out, trying to pick up on what the audience was shouting to her. Over the next two minutes she makes random-seeming bids ranging from $6,000 to $57,000 before finally settling on $18,000.

Although the clip doesn't show it, the other contestant ultimately wins. After having to suffer through that he certainly deserved it.

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