If you're going to claim that you are too hurt to work, try not to appear on network TV spinning a great big wheel.

So, it seems that this former postal worker by the name of Cathy Cashwell had filed workman's comp claiming that an on-the-job injury had caused her such pain that she could no longer lift mail trays. then, she gets the bright idea of being on 'The Price is Right' and the whole plan went all Wibbly-Wobbly very quickly

I guess someone from the 'Office of People Who Try To Catch People Committing Fraud' was watching TPIS the day she was on. It seems that the lady was able to reach way up and give that big, heavy wheel a turn. In fact, she spun it twice. Next thing you know instead of winning a new car, she won a court date!

Of course, the prosecutions case may be helped as well by video of Ms.Cashwell zip-lining while on a Carnival Cruise.

I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again. If you are planning fraud or a life of crime, there are cameras EVERYWHERE! Just in case you didn't get the memo.





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