No danger of West Nile Virus...But nobody likes mosquito bites!

Many people love the warmer weather we've had this Winter..Know who else likes it?...Mosquitos! It looks like it's time to break out the Summer repellants and spray before you go outside.

According to our friend Theresa Schmidt at KPLC:

The culprit is the salt marsh mosquito and usually Calcasieu Mosquito Control fights them by air and by land. Normally, crews would double their efforts to fight the thirsty blood suckers in an outbreak.  But Calcasieu Mosquito Control Director Scott Willis says the weather is working against them. For one thing, when temperatures drop to sixty degrees or less, it's a waste of time and money to spray.  "Our spray is a contact spray and needs to come in contact with the mosquitoes. Sometimes you can start out in the evening and as it gets later in the night it gets cool and the temperature drops and mosquito activity drops so your effectiveness drops off sometimes when it gets too cool in the evening. Our temperature, when it gets to be sixty or so we usually have to call it," said Willis.

If they spray when it's too windy, the insecticide will miss its target and it'll just be wasted. "With an airplane you're definitely not going to hit your target and with the trucks, you really want your spray to come out in drift and drift across the area that you're trying to treat and it just blows the treatment away and it's just not effective to try to spray when the wind is high," said Willis. He says in ten years their crews have only sprayed for mosquitos three nights in January, so the outbreak is extremely rare.

For more on the mosquito outbreak....Read KPLC's complete story

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