Things have been pretty rainy here for the last several days. Well, thank goodness the rain has slacked up for at least o couple of days, but now we are left with the aftermath of all that rain; a growing mosquito population.

Dr.Danielle Dixson of the Southwest Louisiana Center of Health Services told KPLC that; "We're about to approach summertime, so now is the perfect opportunity to talk about mosquito-related illnesses." The thing about mosquito borne illnesses is that here are so many of them and many of them can be quite serious or even fatal. So, what's the good news, you ask?

As it turns out, there are several recipes for DIY mosquito control and all of them are safe and all natural. Check out the video. It's a short, simple recipe and it's even safe for all your pants, pets and kids. By the by, just a personal note; catnip ( the plant not the toys) is a natural mosquito repellent. According to many sources, it's even more effective than Deet


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