They bite, their annoying, and they make you itch!!! The Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control is reporting a big problem with Mosquito's in the area.


July 26, 2011 – The Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control is currently battling the largest outbreak of mosquitoes they’ve seen this year, due to salt marsh mosquitoes invading the parish. Inspectors taking landing rates are picking up as many as 75-100 mosquitoes per minute in many locations in Calcasieu Parish. Crews have doubled their efforts in treating most areas of the Parish using their fleet of trucks and two airplanes, and will continue to do so until mosquito populations are reduced to normal levels.

Officials with Mosquito Control ask the public to help keep the mosquito population from expanding by eliminating anything that collects and holds water around their home. Salt marsh mosquitoes are very aggressive daytime and nighttime biters, and can migrate up to 20 miles each day.

Residents are encouraged to utilize repellents and space sprays for personal and home protection. Before using any of these products, residents should read the label carefully for their health and safety. Light-colored clothing should also be worn during outdoor activities, as mosquitoes are typically drawn to darker colors.

Make sure to use repellent and if you have questions or concerns, call the Calcasieu Mosquito Control.

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