I can tell you that a lot of companies are issuing mandates that part time employees must be kept under thirty hours a week. Why? Because Obamacare rates employees gettin 30 or more hours a week as full time employees who must be offered benefits (insurance). The companies can either offer them these benefits or pay a fine. How do you think this will affect these companies when it comes to giving employees hours and even when it comes to hiring.

Obama Attends OFA Obamacare Summit
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In a recent article WWL looks into the laws effect on the restaurant business where studies show one fifth of the workers get between 30 and 35 hours a week. According to the article the Louisiana Restaurant Association is supporting an effort by the National Restaurant Association, which is lobbying to change the Affordable Care Act's definition of a full-time employee from 30 hours to 40 hours a week. Do you thinkemployees getting between 30 and 40 hours per week will get their hours cut or be offered benefits?

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