My sister is a hair dresser who can only work a few days a week and thus has a very limited income and no health insurance. She was excited about Obamacare! She went to sign up last week and here is the story.

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My sister makes an annual income of about $12,000. She is basically stuck there. She is a hairdresser and physical limitations limit the time she can work each week. Needless to say she can not afford an individual health insurance plan and her small employer does not offer healthcare. She was very much looking forward to having coverage under the Affordable Healthcare initiative.

Last week she went online and started to sign up. She found out that she did qualify for a subsidy to help with her monthly premiums. With her subsidy she would pay about $100 a month and her disabled husband would pay the same amount. That means it would cost her $2,400 a year or about  %20 of her income. That would be tough but was not the worst news.

She then found out her deductible would be $12,000! In other words she would need to pay for $12,000 in medical bills before her insurance would kick in. This basically means that her policy would only be a catastrophic illness policy that would only really be used if she had a major medical problem. She decided not to enroll.

Have you signed up or know someone who has? Have you tried to sign up and decided not to? Write us and let us know about your experience.

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