"Who has the best gumbo in the Lake Area?" Now, wars have been started over such questions. I promise you that everyone not only has opinion about that question, but most people will defend their answer even if someone has to die in the process.

I grew up in Texas and even my Texas born mother knew how to make great gumbo. Her specialty was seafood gumbo partly because we always had a beach house at Crystal and Emerald Beaches in Texas and fresh seafood was just outside the front door. In fact, I had never heard of chicken and sausage gumbo until I was in my late teens. I had no idea that such a dish even existed.

We decided that we would do a simple taste test and try to find the best gumbo in the Lake Area. Four restaurants were chosen and the samples were brought in on a Friday afternoon. Various members of the staff, including yours truly, were asked to taste and rate the gumbo.

As they used to say on Dragnet, "Here are the results of that trial.'


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