Have you ever been slightly stressed when taking part in a wine tasting? I mean, the pressure is on, right? Your taste is on the line right away. No doubt you're a bit nervous about making the wrong choice. What if you like the cheap wine better? Does that mean your taste buds are not refined or that you just don't know anything about wine?

I think this video will take some of the stress out of the world of wine. It seems that, according to research and several blind taste tests, even the experts can be fooled. In fact, the study comes to the conclusion that expensive wine only tastes better if you know in advance that it's cheap.

Check out the video and find out that the experts may know more about wine, but their taste buds are no better than yours. I've always felt that, like art, wine is good if you like the way it tastes. If you don't like the taste, it doesn't matter if it's a $500 bottle of wine, it's still crap. Right?


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