I can't believe that we even have to remind people of this, but here we go: Do not drink hand sanitizer. Even if it's got a name brand like Germ-X, Purell, whatever, don't drink it.

If you're wondering why we're visiting this particular topic, it's because the CDC (Center for Disease Control) put out a report yesterday, about health complications - including death - were arising in people that had been ingesting hand sanitizer. Now, if you read this report, you will realize that the hand sanitizers that were causing these problems were shown to contain Methanol, which is toxic.

However, we can just avoid the problems by not drinking ANY hand sanitizer. Let's go over that again: DO NOT DRINK ANY HAND SANITIZER. It's actually a very simple concept. The hand sanitizer is only made for - you guessed it - sanitizing your hands. After you do that, if you're thirsty, get some water or something! Leave the sanitizer out of the equation of finding something to quench your thirst.

The bottles even tell you "Do not inhale or ingest". That's some pretty straightforward information, printed right there on the label. Don't drink it, don't snort it, just put it on your hands, and rub it in. Super simple.

Again, I can't believe that we're even having to tell people to not drink/eat the stuff. I understand that children get their hands on it, but adults? Come on now.

One more time. Regardless of if you think it's a good idea or not...DO. NOT. DRINK. HAND. SANITIZER.


You can read the entire report from the CDC website here.

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