The forecast is for more rain into tonight and already the LCPD is warning people not to get out on the streets. According to a release by the LCPD:

Stay off the road due to flooding. Ryan/Prien Lake/Kirkman/Texas and all surrounding streets are under water

The rain started coming down around 7:30 and the forecast is for rain to continue into the nighttime hours causing even more flooding. A couple of safety tips for dealing with the flooding:

1. If you're driving in the rain, make sure your headlights are on

2. Do not try to drive through flooded areas. The water may be much deeper than it looks. If other cars seem to be driving through, proceed with caution.

3. Slow down! Your brakes may not work when you want them to if they are wet.

4. If you must drive through standing water and you know that it is not deep, drive slow and steady. If you realize the water is deeper than you thought, turn back.

A flash flood warning has been issued for our area until 5p.m.

My suggestion is to go home early and watch a movie. That's not official. It's just what I'm going to do.


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