Do you live in 70605? This zip code is made up of 21% Exurbanites, 14% midlife Constants and 12% Emerald City. What does that mean? Can you look up your zip code? Read on my friend.

getty images/Justin Sullivan

First let's talk about 70605. What the heck is a "Exurbanite" .... the group that makes up 21% of the 70605 zip code. They are married couples who are empty nesters, approaching retirement but not slowing down. They are sociable and hard working. They support the arts, work with financial planners, work on gardening and home improvement projects, hire people to help out around the house and shop for quality not price.

This zip code is 14% "Midlife Constants." They are settled in small communities outside of the metro area. They are retired or almost retired married couples and singles. They are homebodies, shop for American products, are sociable and outgoing when it comes to church and social organizations.

Then there are the 12% "Emerald City" in the 70605 zip code. This group is young, mobile, well educated, work long hours, network online, buy organic, politically liberal, eager to try new things and are interested in music and fine art.

So what does your zip code look like? Why not find out.