Did you see the fire show at Citgo last night? Well, it seems that all that flaring as we all know it around here, was due to a total power outage at the plant just south of Sulphur. According to Dick Gremillion, director of Calcasieu's Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, five flares were all going at the same time which is a pretty unusual situation.

According to another spokesperson, Dana Keel, the fire was due to an outage at an Entergy substation. The good news is that, despite the fire show, there was no environmental impact associated with the outage. It's not known whether or not the outage was brought on by some of the thunder storms we had yesterday.

There were no injuries reported in the incident. In her statement, Keel added:

"Plans and safety systems, according to procedures, are in place to secure the units and maintain safe operations in response to the loss of power. All employees have been accounted for and offsite monitoring indicates no environmental impact to our neighboring community. All appropriate regulatory agencies have been notified. A notification through the CAER System was made as well,"

If you'd like to see just how it looked, here is a link to the KPLC SkyCam

As always, many thanks to the great folks at KPLC for use of their photo of the event.



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