This dish is the perfect southern spin on a classic side.

Even though Thanksgiving is a little late this year, falling on November 28, we're just a few weeks away. All of the Turkey Day supplies are making their way onto the shelves at the store and aside from the fresh stuff, I've already started loading up. You'll never believe nutmeg and all spice are popular until it's the week of Thanksgiving and you can't find them anywhere. And foil pans? Forget it!

There are certain dishes that are staples around that table of gratitude and not surprisingly, our traditional dishes in Louisiana may be different from other states. In fact, we have one of the most unique dishes on our table according to Delish's list of Popular Thanksgiving Foods in Every State. We've put the perfect southern spin on a classic side.

Cornbread stuffing.

Delish says that this is a very popular side during this time of year. I've never personally had it, but I can only imagine how delightful it is. I'm thinking sweet and savory and perfect. Have you served this on your table? Maybe this is the year you go for it and never look back.

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