Phillips 66 refinery has always been committed to giving back to the local communities they are located in, and the Westlake Fire Department (WFD) just got a taste of their amazing generosity.

Phillip 66 has been a fixture of the SWLA community for over 80 years. I'm sure everyone who lives here knows someone who works for or has retired from the plant.

Megan Hartman, Public Relations Director for Phillips 66, told KPLC some of the key areas they like to donate to are safety and emergency response. Hartman said they reached out to the WFD and asked if there was anything they needed to make their job easier.

The WFD needed GPS technology with a live mapping system in their trucks to help them be more efficient in response time to their emergency events. Phillips 66 donated $50,000 to make that happen.

WFD Chief, Johnathan Duff, told KPLC that with the donation, they purchased laptops for their trucks and a computer system that's placed at the 911 dispatch center. The computer system will communicate with the laptops in the trucks, dispatch the closest truck to the emergency event, and have all the information about the scene that 911 has entered into their system during the call.

Chief Duff says they're currently in a trial and learning period right now with the new GPS software. However, he said it will be fully operational in June.

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