I remember driving to Moss Bluff over the 171 Calcasieu River bridge years ago. I saw a flaming object flying across the sky and at first thought there must have been an explosion at the plants. The object continues across the horizon. I did not know what it was but called home to tell them to go outside and look also. I wanted someone else to see it. We did find out what it was.

space station

It was a space shuttle coming in for a nighttime landing in Florida. after that we kept track of when a shuttle might be re entering the atmosphere at night. It was a really cool thing to see. Yesterday a friend on facebook was telling me that him and his son watched the International Space Station fly over. He knew when kit would be flying over by using an app on his smart phone.

The app is called ISS Spotter. You can get it here and your whole family can watch the space station fly over. Who knows ... you may have a future astronaut in the family.