25 Fun Facts About NASA
So not all of these reasons are necessarily meant to show the invincibility of NASA. In fact, some of them will show its humanity. They lose stuff, they use the wrong measurement system and make otherwise silly errors. But in spite of that, they managed to get humans to the moon with a computer as p…
NASA Launches Orion Spacecraft
It was the highest NASA has flown in 40 years. Yesterday's inaugural launch of an Orion spacecraft went of flawlessly. This is the vehicle that will carry astronauts to Mars in 2030.
the Mars Curiosity Rover Found Martian Soil Rich in H2O
For ages, Scientist have stated that, at one time, there may have been water on Mars. Imagine their excitement when the Mars Curiosity Rover found water in the very first scoop of Martian soil!
As it turns out, there's quite a bit of water on Mars. Nothing like the lakes and rivers on earth, but…
Get Paid To Lay Around -- NASA Pays You To Stay In Bed
Everyone has unique skills that make them great at one job or another. They can do something better than most people and that makes them an asset to their employer. This is a case where a common skill can make you some money. How good are you at laying around?
I’m Gonna Wash that SPACE DUST Right Outta My Hair! [VIDEO]
So, who isn't fascinated by space?  By how they do stuff in space without any gravity to help them?  Karen Nyberg of Expedition Crew 36 aboard the International Space Station gives us a lesson in hair washing.  Not as easy as a shower, but it looks like a LOT more fun...
See the Space Station Fly Over!
I remember driving to Moss Bluff over the 171 Calcasieu River bridge years ago. I saw a flaming object flying across the sky and at first thought there must have been an explosion at the plants. The object continues across the horizon. I did not know what it was but called home to tell them to go ou…
Now that’s a Horn! Check Out This Monster! [VIDEO]
I have always loved sounds. That has something to do with why I am in radio. I love telling stories with sounds. That's really what songs are. One of the coolest sounds to me is a ships horn. I hear it and wonder where the ship is sailing to. It's kind of mysterious. This guy has a ships h…

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