U.S. Considering Banning TikTok
Due to the fact that the Chinese government has access to all of these apps, TikTok is one of 60 different apps banned in India. According to Fox News, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks that the U.S. could be next to ban TikTok.
Don Rivers Finds Fish Finder App Scam
So yesterday I was so excited! I love to fish and finding an app that helps me find fish seemed so great! I gladly paid the $4.99 for the FishFinder App. I downloaded it and installed it on my phone. I went over to the lake to try it out.  It seemed to work well at first; but there was somethin…
A Fish Finding App for Your Iphone
I love to fish and in the past I would always place my phone in a water proof bag at the beginning of my fishing trip and hope I would not need it until I was done. Now it looks like it will be an important part of my trip. I might not even need my depth finder anymore.

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