First of all a HUGE thank you is in order for the listeners of The Lake!  You guys were amazing as usual showing your big hearts yet again.

Last week we told you guys that our station was teaming up with Colors For A Cause, an organization that helps SWLA families with children fighting cancer, and boy did you guys show up!

Being a parent, I can't image the stress that comes along with watching your child battle cancer.  I also can't image the amount of joy it would bring to see a smile on a child's face that has been stripped of their joy from this terrible disease.

We had a friendly competition with our sister station, Gator 99.5, to see who's listeners could donate the most toys to this awesome cause.

Brad Burley for TSM
Brad Burley for TSM

I can't say it enough, The Lake's listeners have the biggest hearts in SWLA, hands down!

You guys donated 229 toys and THE LAKE NATION collected the most toys for Colors For A Cause to distribute to kids all across SWLA fighting cancer this Christmas.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and Merry Christmas!

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