If you've always wanted a pool but can't have one, why not rent someone else's pool for the day with an app? We have all the details on the pools available for rent in and around Houston.

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A website and app called Swimply is taking the nation by storm and allows you to rent someone's pool for a per-hour rate.

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Pools For Rent In Houston, Texas

When you search for pools to rent in Houston, you'll be pleased to know you have a plethora of options. Plus, the search radius also ventures out in cities like Pearland, Friendswood, Missouri City, and many more.


The rental fees range from$15 to $150 an hour depending on how big the pool is and the location of the home.

Some of these houses are mansions.  Tell me that wouldn't be cool to have your family and friends over for a swim party at a mansion. If everyone throws in you are paying very little for an awesome weekend experience.

Portrait of a young couple in a swimming pool with their son and daughter

It's a win-win situation. People without pools can now have access to swim whenever they want and pool owners can help recoup some of the money it takes to operate a pool. Because let's be honest, pools are crazy expensive to keep up.

The founders of Swimply were on an episode of Shark Tank and didn't get funded, but they've seen a 2,000% increase in users since then, partly because of the exposure, but also because of the pandemic. People are looking for safe alternatives for family outings.

So, if you have a pool, you might consider signing up for this service while it's hot.

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