Back in March of this year, I ran across a video of Bruce Hamilton's Pet Playhouse. Hamilton, owner of Birds, Pets, and Things in Lake Charles, had a TV show that would air on local televisions. Kids would be his audience as he would feature different animals on his show. He would also "tour" at parties and events, taking his show on the road, per se.

bruce ham 1

It's no secret that I scroll Facebook looking for things to share with you. I was drinking coffee the other morning and saw a very familiar face and video. This time, it looked old but had a new feel to it. Then, I read on Hamilton's No Bad Days page, "Guess who's back."

I almost dropped my coffee! Pet Playhouse is back! Now, a new generation can watch in amazement at what we all grew up with. Perhaps I am a unique case, but trust me when I say this thirty-six year old man jumped up and down like it was Christmas! I had to look again. The background was the old green screen style that they would use as teaser commercials. Maybe I was just imagining it. Nerdy me glanced at my watch. It was a smart watch.

Holy crap! It's real!

According to the video, we have already missed the first show, but it airs on Saturdays at 7:30am on CBS Lake Charles. Now, I just need to figure out how to be an audience member to truly relive my childhood since I never got to go as a kid.

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