DWI Checkpoint This Friday
DWI checkpoints serve two purposes. They remove impaired drivers from our roadways. They also deter impaired people from driving. They make our roads safer in two ways. The first one for 2015 is planned for this weekend.
DWI Checkpoints Planned for Memorial Day Weekend
For a lot of people ... a day off means celebrating with great food and a drink or two. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don't drive after the drinks. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department is doing their part to keep our roads safe this holiday weekend with DWI checkpoin…
Lafayette Man Gets DWI While Dressed as Buddy the Elf
If you're going to get pulled over and charged with a DWI, being dressed as Buddy the Elf certainly doesn't help your case in any way.  That's what happened to one Lafayette man this week.  His name is Brandon Touchet, 34, and it's gonna be tough to live this one d…

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