I'll admit to being pretty naive. I always thought that, after getting one or two DWI citations that one would just have to stay off the streets. I guess the laws are not as tough as I thought since Jeremy Dale Brummet just got his 4th DWI.

Brummet crashed his vehicle late Friday night and when the crash was being investigated, it was noticed that he had been drinking. Witnesses to the accident say that Brummet ran a stop sign then ran off the road into a nearby field. Brummet tried to make a getaway, but his car became bogged down in the mud.

CPSO arrested Brummet on charges of fourth-offense DWI, running a stop sign and driving without a license. Brummet, who is 38, is being held on $103,500 bond.

The question is still out there? How do you keep people with that many DWI offenses off the road? How fortunate that this was a one-vehicle accident and no one was injured. Somehow I get the feeling that the 'honor system' for DWI just isn't working.