DWI Checkpoint This Weekend In Calcasieu Parish
This is certainly not great driving weather. Wet roads are dangerous and even more dangerous when facing the rain and impaired drivers. Louisiana State Police Troop D can not do anything about the weather ; but they can remove impaired drivers from our roadways and that will be the goal of Satu…
Two More 4th DWI Arrest
What is it that some people fail to understand about driving while drunk? We are inundated with messages warning us not to drink and drive. We know the legal aspect and we all know that innocent people get hurt. Some people still do not get the message as is eveident by two more 4th offense DWI arre…
DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
Last week we heard the sad story of a Westlake man getting his fourth DWI. This enforces the point that we still need DWI checkpoints.  These checkpoints are designed to make us safer by removing impaired drivers from our roads.
Westlake Man Gets Fourth DWI
So there was Samuel Wade Dubois weaving down I-10 Saturday afternoon. Samuel is pretty good at weaving. He already had three DWI offenses and was operating a vehicle with an ignition interlock. He somehow got around the interlock. He did not avoid his fourth DWI.
Weekend DWI Checkpoint Results
While we were all celebrating the beginning of a long weekend. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office deputies were trying to keep our roads safe with a DWI and Seatbelt checkpoint on the 1300 block of Country Club Road. Impaired drivers were removed from our roads and others were deterred from such…
DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
People who drink and drive put themselves and others at grave risk. The problem is that drinking clouds your judgement ... so decisions like whether or not they should drive ... become clouded. The best practice is to designate a driver before you start drinking. Area law enforcement agencies are wo…
Another DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
These DWI checkpoints are coming more often now. There is no argument that they make our roads safer. The goal of the program is to remove impaired drivers from the road before they hurt themselves or others. Here are the details on the one this weekend.
DWI Checkpoint Results
Louisiana  State police Troop D conducted a DWI checkpoint this past Friday night resulting in three DWI arrest. It may seem like a lot of work and man power for three arrest; but if it served to deter others from drinking and driving it was all worthwhile. Read on for complete results.
DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
We love to party in Southwest Louisiana and no one is trying to cramp your style. You are just ask to do it responsibly. The purpose of these checkpoints is to make our roads safer. Designate a driver before the evening starts and you have no worries. My friends and I rotate this duty.

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