I don't write about every DWI because even though it is a serious crime; I believe everyone makes mistakes. You pay the price, correct what caused the mistake and move on. That's what most people do; but when it happens three time it indicates a complete disregard for the law and the safety of others.


Now here is a guy who deserves a DWI and a special "Moron" award. He was busted for DWI because he backed across four lanes of traffic on Broad Street and then proceeded to drive with a flat tire. Does the term "his world" fit here? This all happened about 7:40 p.m. yesterday (a Sunday night no less.) Not only was 36 year old Henry Paul Parker over the legal alchohol limit and driving on a suspended license ... he also had an old prescription bottle with two kinds of Xanax in it.

Think of how many people he could have injured or killed if he had not been removed from the road. He was charged with DWI 3rd; illegal backing; open container; 2 counts of possession of CDS IV; and driving under suspension.