Don Rivers

Old School Pics
I was very fortunate to grow up in a big family. I have two brothers and two sisters. I was also blessed to have both parents there my entire childhood. I really had a story book childhood. I thought I would share some old Christmas pictures with you.
Don Rivers Traffic Cop?
State Trooper James Anderson is a regular at our studios. He keeps us informed on what Troop D is up to. While he was at the studios this morning I ask him if I could try out his radar gun. Here is the result.
Don Rivers Favorite Thirty Minute Set From Last Week [VIDEO]
Each week I get to listen to hours of great Classic Hits on 92.9 The Lake's Mid-Day show. I like to pick a favorite set fo the week and find the videos from those songs; then share them with you. Here is this week's set. We segued from the ten a.m. hour into the first half of the 11 a.m. h…
Don Rivers Finds Fish Finder App Scam [VIDEO]
So yesterday I was so excited! I love to fish and finding an app that helps me find fish seemed so great! I gladly paid the $4.99 for the FishFinder App. I downloaded it and installed it on my phone. I went over to the lake to try it out.  It seemed to work well at first; but there was somethin…
Vintage Performances
I have the greatest job in the world. God has blessed my life with the gift of music; and lots of it! It's never an easy task ; but each week I like to pick my favorite thirty minute music set from one day in the past week on 92.9 The Lake.
One of Don Rivers Dating Horror Stories
I am very fortunate to have been married to a wonderful and beautiful woman for over 25 years. It is very nice to be out of the dating scene; but I used to be there. I was stood up more than any man in history (it seemed.) I also had some really bad dates. There is nothing like a being stood up or l…

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