Each week I get to listen to hours of great Classic Hits on 92.9 The Lake's Mid-Day show. I like to pick a favorite set fo the week and find the videos from those songs; then share them with you. Here is this week's set. We segued from the ten a.m. hour into the first half of the 11 a.m. hour with this set back on Thursday 3/13/14.

We start this set with one for the ladies.Putting some funk on your junk here's Kool and the Gang.

Then the group where Gerry Rafferty (Baker Street) cut his teeth. It's Stealers Wheel with "Stuck in the Middle."

Now or weekly jump across the pond for a Rolling Stones Classic.

Now let's take a breather and slow it down with a Classic fron Carole KIng. Here's the bittersweet "It's Too Late."

Now we find ourselves right in the middle of the Disco Era with a group that took full advantage of nthe dance explosion. Here's the Bee Gees with the era defining "Staying Alive."

Now to simpler music or as we called it back then ..."wooden music." Here's James Taylor with a 1970 Classic.

We have to end with a rocker so we look to the nation's heartland and find John Mellencamp stepping up with his take on the All American Dream in "Little Pink Houses."

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