I have the greatest job in the world. God has blessed my life with the gift of music; and lots of it! It's never an easy task ; but each week I like to pick my favorite thirty minute music set from one day in the past week on 92.9 The Lake.

I search for classic videos of the songs that we played on the radio earlier in the week. This weeks set includes some great video from Soul Train and other vintage performances.

Let's get off to a fun start with a "get up on your feet" classic from KC and the Sunshine Band. Here is an epic Soul Train performance.

I can remember listening to the next classic as a kid and it kind of scared me. I remember thinking how terrible it must have been to be stuck at a party like that. Here's song number two in our set from Three Dog Night. Enjoy this live performance of a number one hit.

70's soul was the greatest! Do you remember "One of a Kind Love Affair", "Rubber Band Man" and "One of a Kind Love Affair"? Here's the group responsible for those hits and song number three in our set ... It's The Spinners! Here's another Soul Train performance.

Prepare yourself for a leap through the years to the early 80's ... when Top 40 Techno was ruling the world. If there was ever a band that just screamed "80's" it was the Human League (who now look like a bunch of vampires to me.).

One step forward , two steps back for this next 92.9 The Lake Classic and song four in our set. To really understand this song you have to realize that it was released at a time when we had so much division in our country that we had riots going on. The Youngbloods answer made a lot of sense.

I try to always end these sets with something that just blows me away every time I hear it. My first show on the radio was on the overnight shift where at three a.m. I would do a feature called "Insomniac Theater". Each night we played a new album in it's entirety. The first albumn I ever featured was Heart's "Dreamboat Annie". I have always loved this group and know you will enjoy this performance of "Magic Man".

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