First, it was Tab and now it's Coke Zero. Just about the time I learn to like a soda pop they go and change it, drop it, or make it hard to find. Okay, that's a lie. Tab may be the foulest tasting substance I have ever put in my mouth. My parents used to buy that stuff during the '70's it sucked then and if they still make it I am sure it sucks now.

However, I like Coke Zero and now it appears as if that brand is going to change. According to a news release from soft drink giant Coca-Cola, Coke Zero is going away. At least it's going away as we know it.

The product that will be replacing Coke Zero will be known as Coca-Cola No Sugar or Coca-Cola Zero Sugar depending on where you live. The company promises a taste closer to Coca-Cola Classic but without the sugar. I will give it a try. As I mentioned, I like Coke Zero so if it's better than Coke Zero I am sure you will find a 12 pack of the stuff in my 'fridge at home.

Why make the change?

Diet sodas are suffering. I am not sure whether it's all the information and or misinformation about artificial sweeteners or just the bottled water craze. The bottom line is people aren't reaching for the traditional "diet" drinks like they used to. When that happens smart companies make changes. Coca-Cola is a pretty smart company that's why you can't travel anywhere on Earth and not find their products.

You can expect this new version of Coke Zero to be landing on the shelves of your favorite market over the next few weeks.


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