Boy, this one takes the cake...or should I say the Cadbury Creme Egg?

Keo Oran via Unsplash
Keo Oran via Unsplash

If this sounds appealing, you'll need to take a quick flight to England to give it a shot. Or you could just make one yourself.

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For Easter, Subway created a new Cadbury Creme Egg sandwich. Tomorrow, 500 of them will be distributed at four different locations in the United Kingdom.

It's called the Cadbury Creme Egg SubMelt, and it's nothing special. It's just a bunch of crushed Cadbury eggs melted on a six-inch loaf of Italian white bread.

Cadbury claims Subway had the idea and approached them about it. It's "surprisingly delicious," they say.

Each Cadbury sandwich contains 530 calories. The majority of their standard six-inch subs are between 300 and 400 calories.

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