You know how nervous you used to be before you got your report card? Well, just imagine that you have a month to month contract and that report card is the difference between continued employment and the want-ads.

Well, the Louisiana state superintendent, John White,  got his report card and, I'm sure, much to his relief,  he got a "satisfactory" rating. I can't imagine what it must be like to work month to month and depend on our little darlings making good grades to keep one's job. Nothing like a little pressure!

White's  grade was based on quantitative student-based goals set by BESE.

White said his evaluation reflects the higher high school graduation rates and increasing AP and ACT scores.

"When you look at our growth, we've got to keep whatever's been working going. We have the highest AP scores, the highest ACT scores running three years growth and the highest graduation rate of all time. On the other hand, we have struggles with our students with disabilities and our English language learners. We have to solve those problems for those families and kids. And that should be what guides us in the year to come."

He also said it reflects the challenges Louisiana students sill face.

"Those challenges mainly are, we're not translating enough of our high school graduates into college graduates, and secondly, that our students with disabilities and English language learners are not making progress at the same pace as the rest of the state. You know those are two things if you look at my evaluation, you would take away and say White's got to get to work on that."

White is currently serving on a month-to-month contract until BESE decides to keep him or appoint a new superintendent.

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