Talk about a tough gig. It's not just the fact that the toast of Hollywood is right there in front of you while you're hosting. there's the added pressure of 40 million people watching. that translates roughly to 40 million critics plus several in attendance.

Yeah, the comedy bits fell flat (blame the writers, not MacFarlane) and some of MacFarlane's jokes were considered too edgy (gotta love that coming from a Hollywood audience) . I will say that MacFarlane did have that "what was I thinking" look on his face from the opening bit.

Will he host again? Not if you believe his Tweet.

Here's what he had to say when a fan asked him if he'd be willing to return:

"No way.Lotta fun to have done it, though."



Wonder who will get tagged to host next year? Hey, I've got it! He could host it as Brian Griffith. Everybody loves dogs.


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