Sanctuary Freeway


All this talk about Sanctuary Cities got my addled mind to working.  While many are opposed to the idea of Sanctuary Cities, these are places where people who are in this country illegally congregate because if the law catches them they let them go free.  Those towns have borrowed the old fishing concept of ‘catch and release’. I'm hereby presenting the concept of Sanctuary Freeway's

On my daily I-10 commute to Lake Charles there are a varying degree of local and state patrol officers on the side of the road with high tech radar or laser guns aimed at oncoming cars to determine whether or not they’re travelling at above the approved so-called speed limit.  In the pre-dawn hours of my daily commute, the flashing blue lights are kind of pretty when I see them far ahead of me.


It’s 2017 – and our modern cars have dozens of safety features and the vehicles are engineered in many cases to be able to travel well in excess of 100 mph and while many speed limits in some rural areas of say, Texas are 80 and 85, Louisiana pretty much sticks with the ol’ 70 mph mark statewide along Interstate 10.

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Ok, so in my world I-10 where there’s three lanes present would be a ‘Sanctuary Freeway’ yes?  Well the speed limit would still be 70 or whatever, and in my fantasy as in real-life now the left lanes would be for PASSING ONLY, however when being pulled over for speeding on a Sanctuary Freeway, instead of resulting in a monetary fine, insurance increases and who knows what all, would go more like this:

Officer: I pulled you over for speeding, y’all do know the limit here is 70 and can you guess at how fast my new radar unit says you were going?

Me: No sir, I’m not sure since my speed-o-meter pegs out at 120

Officer: I’ve got you on radar going 137 miles per hour, are you in some kind of emergency?

Me: No sir – but I must say that oil change and tune-up with a fresh set of spark plugs last week has really made a difference, wouldn’t you say?

Officer: Yes, you were really zipping along, I almost couldn't catch you... now y’all try to keep it down some son and have a nice day.

Me: Thank you, sir, you too and y’all stay safe out here.

No ticket, no fine, no Drivers Ed, no insurance premiums skyrocketing.

See?  Catch and release.  Sanctuary Freeways.  What y’all think?

By the way, I respect and admire all those that put on a badge and uniform and would not want to be in many of the situations they face daily.  Various members of my own immediate family are now, or have retired from Law Enforcement. I appreciate the work they do and support any and all of their causes.

(This posting is strictly satirical and for entertainment purposes)

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