Burl Cain, the former Angola Prison warden appeared before cameras and microphones yesterday to defend himself and answer allegations of wrongdoings, fraud and other abuse during his twenty-odd years as warden of the world famous prison.

Reading from a prepared statement – former Warden Cain characterized the legislative audit as untrue and is the work of ‘nitpickers’ who couldn’t find a real scandal.  In essence, Cain scoffed at the results of the audit, stating for instance the $2,600 refrigerator was purchased for the prisons “Ranch House’ where guests are entertained and not for his private home.

As for state employees leaving the prison to work on his own property, Cain stated if they didn’t clock out at the prison before leaving and doing work on his properties, well now he couldn’t be held accountable because it was not his responsibility to check everyone’s time sheet each and every day.

Bruce Mikels
Bruce Mikels


Cain added he should be awarded instead of criticized as he’d done many wonderful things for the prison.  Cain feels he's being punished for 'thinking out of the box".

For instance he noted he built the prison rodeo into a huge money-making venture and some of those profits went into the building of chapels around the prison.  Plus he once paid $3,000 out of his own pocket to put marble tile into the Ranch House. Incidentally, the audit showed some $6 million missing from the rodeo in 2014-15.

Cain stated he should get a plaque for his long-term accomplishments not an indictment, and he does not believe any of the allegations will stick.

The DA for the 20th Judicial District, Sam D’Aquilla said he’d been briefed on the audit, along with the US Attorney’s office and it’s likely the audit along with a variety of charges could go before a Grand Jury as early as next month.

Stay tuned as this develops, we’ll keep you posted.

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