A few days ago, Heather and I had an 'Impossibly Hard' trivia question that went something along the lines of, ' Married men say they do this about 5 times a year, but only because they have to.'

The answers ranged from 'get a haircut' to 'see a doctor', but the correct answer was, 'watch a chick flick.'

Now, guys, I know you can identify with this because,let's face it, just about all of us have been forced to watch a chick flick at one time or another. Heck, I was in a relationship once that all she would watch is chick flicks.

You can only imagine how many times I was forced to watch 'Out of Africa.' Anytime I see that movie listed on TV I actively don't watch it and I love Meryl Streep!

That got us to wondering about people's favorite chick flick and that inspired this poll.

Here are your answers to the question, 'What is your favorite 'chick flick?'

Here are the results:


As you can see, we got a few 'other' answers in our poll and here is how that broke down:

Our biggest write in votes went to Thelma & Louise. Also getting mentions were:

Notting Hill

Bridget Jones' Diary

and one lone vote went to that classic chick flick, Terminator.

Thanks for taking part in our poll!