The fast food chain, Wendy's, has just released a table top RPG that charges you with helping Queen Wendy keep reign over her kingdom called Freshtovia.

  • RPG = Role Playing Game

It's called Feast Of Legends, and it's stylized like another famous RPG you've probably heard of, Dungeons and Dragons.  Like D&D you can create characters with five stats strength, intelligence, charm, arcana, and grace.

Video Game Capture Screenshow
Video Game Capture Screenshow

The 97 page game guide is free to download, and it includes descriptions of all 12 orders that you can join plus detailed instructions on all the facets of game-play like battles, attacks, turns and adventuring.  You can also learn about the weapons available, armor you can choose, and much more.

In your quest to help Queen Wendy keep control of Freshtovia, you'll battle the evil kingdoms of Creepingvale ruled by the Creepy King with the Paper Crown and the United Clown Nations ruled by the Ice Jester.  This made me laugh out loud, because it's obivisoly a dig on Burger King and McDonald's.

Are you brave enough to join the fight against frozen beef?

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