I truly love art, but I just don't have any ability when it comes to painting or drawing. Oh, sure. I did "Painting With a Twist" and it came out okay, but when left to my own devices, I just don't have it.


Having such an appreciation for art, I'm always impressed by other people's artwork and sometimes I'm just amazed that I actually know people who can do such things. There's very little more attractive than a person's creative side. That's the best way to get to know a person, you know. If you can find their creative side, you can really get to know a person.

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I truly believe that everyone has a creative side, despite protestations by many of my friends who claim to have no talent and no creativity. Yet, sometimes I'll start talking to one of these people and it turns out they have a flair for doing something that they don't consider particularly artistic, but it turns out that they do, indeed have a creative side.

















I'm so proud of my granddaughter and her great talent for art. She recently won a nationwide competition for kids her age. She was the national young artist of the week. Not bad for 7.

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