I can unashamedly confess to everyone that I love Dolly Parton and I love coffee. The fact that a Tik Tok creator has chosen to use, what appears to be a lot of time to combine those two things is absolutely blowing my mind.

@rudy_willingham via TikTok
@rudy_willingham via TikTok

I guess I'm not the only one millions of viewers on the social media platform TikTok are sharing my enthusiasm for the project which at first blush would probably hit my radar as a total waste of time. But that's what most good ideas are, right?

How many of you are wishing you had invested in fidget spinners for those two or three months they were a thing. Or, how many of you wished you could have gotten in on the ground floor with the Pet Rock people? See, ideas that "utilize people's time in a less than productive manner" are still all the rage.

Armin Lotfi via Unsplash.com
Armin Lotfi via Unsplash.com

Platforms like TikTok and Facebook just make it easier to share. Now, if you're not sure what you're going to be looking at I will explain. If you've been to an upscale coffee house and ordered a latte your barista may have created a design in the foam.

In this case, @rudy_willingham used more than 90 cups of coffee to create a homage to Dolly Parton. He basically has animated about:15 seconds of Dolly's huge hit 9 to 5 using latte foam as his artistic medium.

Okay, tell the truth, what was the first thought you had after watching this? Was it, dang that sure took a lot of time and coffee? Or, was it, dang that's pretty cool? Or, was it, that I love that song 9 to 5?  If you were me, you'd have uttered all three because that is pretty cool, that did take a lot of time, and hell yeah, turn up Dolly and 9 to 5.

I do love some of the comments that @rudy_willingham received for his time and talent. My favorite came from Briana who stated "that's a lot of cups of ambition". I would agree.

By the way, this TikTok creator has pages full of interesting videos to peruse, I thought this was very unique.

And I would be remiss if I didn't tell you I darn near cried when I saw this tribute to Betty White.

I do believe my day has been made.

Here's something else that will put a spring in your step too. Maybe not as much as 90 plus cups of coffee but still, Buc-ees and Blue Bell? What could go wrong there.

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