Blooms: Strobe-Animated Sculptures
You ever see something that is just cool?  That's all, just cool to look at for a while.
These are 3-D printed sculptures designed by John Edmark to animate when spun under a strobe light. The placement of the appendages is determined by the same method nature uses in pinecones and sunflowe…
A Very Unique Art Park
My wife and I were on vacation visiting my parents in Albany, Georgia.  We decided to go downtown to the iconic Jimmy's Hot Dogs. We ate our hotdogs at a riverside park next to the Flint River. When we were driving away the Art Park got our attention.
12 Impressive Balloon Art Creations
Balloon art is usually something that's confined to a) clowns or b) those guys on the side of the street who make those really embarrassing hats that are like, five feet tall. As it turns out though, there's a whole lot more to the art than standard balloon animals or pop-able accessories.…

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