We get a couple of Netflicks movies a week. My wife usally picks the from the online library and the DVDs arrive by mail. Sometimes they are really good and sometimes they are really bad.


We watched most of Prometheus last night. It started out with some great scenery and quickly moved to the high tech space travel / time travel genre. It was a little slow but most of these space travel movies are. They seem to want to wow you with e space ship and all the tech stuff. OK ... I was impressed enough to keep watching though my wife seemed more interested in her facebook. The movie got more interesting when the space ship landed on a planet that was supposed to be very similar to our own. The space ships scientist thought the planet may have been the origin for life on earth. That is where the movie took the typical alien movie turn. You know what I mean ...weird snakes on a spaceship! Sigourney Weaver would be proud as yet another alien is born fro a female space traveler. This is when we turned it off and opted for a new episode of "Blue Bloods" (the best cop drama on TV since Hillstreet Blues.) I am not even sure I'll go back and finish "Prometheus". If you like the gory space alien stuff .. you may like it. If you are looking for something new ... don't waste your time.

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