Simon Parkes is a city council member in England, but his fame is about to go world wide. Wait -- Make that galaxy wide. Parkes says that he has fathered a child with a space alien, but that it has ruined his marriage.

The woman (?) in question is a hottie from a galaxy far, far away and her name is Cat Queen. The 58 year old Simon Parkes says that the "affair" has been going on for some time and that he and Cat Queen get frisky about 4 times a year. Then, Parkes wife found out about the tryst.

Parkes says,"My wife found out about it and was very unhappy. That caused a few problems, but it is not on a human level, so I don't see it as wrong." Parkes says he’s had encounters with aliens since birth and that his “real mother” is a 9-foot green alien with eight fingers.  Now you may be thinking that he is confused and that the 'creature' he is describing is a mummy, but Parkes is quick to point out that, they’re not mummy’s hands, 'mummy’s hands are pink’, and mummy has thumbs. These are green and pointed and there’s four of them. So take that you naysayers!

No word on when Parkes bid for re election comes up, but no doubt his opponent for the city council seat will drag this up before the election.
Makes our Louisiana politicians look like ordinary guys, doesn't it?
Sorry, I could not find a picture of Cat Queen so, I had to settle for a picture of a friend of mine from the planet Qwerty.

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