You never know what you might find growing on the side of the road around here. Almost of the plants are just weeds, but authorities found actual "weed" in front of the WalMart on highway 171.

We don't know who found the wild growing pot plants, but they did call 911 to report it and, sure enough, when the police got there, they found a cash crop right alongside the clover and other weeds.

After the Sheriff's Office tested the plants and found that they really were marijuana, the plants were destroyed. The only remaining question is: Just how did marijuana plants get there in the first place?

Commander Matt Vezinot of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office offered up one theory:


"My best guess would be somebody might have thrown it out of the window and the seeds landed. Apparently, recently, they did some work - some dirt work here - they did put some signal lights, and maybe through turning over the soil or something might have germinated the seeds maybe - that's my best guess,"

It's funny how I can go to Lowes and buy a houseplant and carefully care for it only to have it die, but someone throws some pot seeds out of their car window and it just springs right up.