"Stop the car, Dad! I'll walk home."

I was sitting in the passenger seat, and I thought I would die of shock. Is this MY teenage son who rarely emerges from his room for more than bathroom breaks, snacks, or the obligatory chores?

The reason: Pokemon Go, a free-to-play mobile game that allows players to battle, train, and I'm not sure what else via an app they download onto their smartphones. My son wanted to walk home because, according to his virtual world, there were multiple opportunities for him to gather points or Pokemon or creatures or whatever he needed to get ahead in the game. But he needed to walk to do it!

Pokemon Go was just released this month, and it is is literally running rampant across the country. Apparently, it's so engaging that my son even got his older sisters involved, and they are also playing now.

Frankly, I'm not exactly sure how it works. However, I know that Pokemon are scattered about in "the real world," and players must collect them in some way. There is some restriction within the game, I think, that requires them to actually walk to activate the capture of these creatures. How incredibly brilliant!

There are other facets to the game that I don't understand. I'm just elated over the fact that I see my son's face outside of his room and outside of the house that I want to shout my joy from the rooftops.

If you see someone standing on a street corner or in the middle of a park simply staring at their phone, chances are they are doing battle or trying to master a gym. Please remember NOT to drive while playing. That's just a bonehead move.

By the way, my oldest daughter informed me she captured four "things" while she was at the grocery store. None of them had to do with groceries, and she met a gentleman who was also playing along.

Happy hunting!


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