If you were a regular reader of newspaper comic strips you might recall a single-panel strip that was quite popular ten or so years ago. The strip was called The Far Side and it was a rather bizarre look at our world and the situations we find ourselves in. One particular strip from The Far Side stands out in my memory this morning.

That strip shows a young boy staring at a video screen while his doting parents look on. The parents are thinking via a thought bubble about newspaper hiring ads with listings for Nintendo experts, princess savers, and Mario players all offering incredibly huge salaries.

Sam Pak via Unsplash.com

Back then we thought making big money with video games was just for the few and very intelligent. Well apparently intelligence is still a requirement but the opportunities to get into game design and development are certainly growing more plentiful.

Here in Louisiana we already have six different video game design studios and the state is about to get another.  Possibility Space is the name of a video game development firm that has announced plans to open a new studio in Louisiana.

Matt Chris Pua via Unsplash.com

The firm's management has told officials with Louisiana Economic Development that they plan to bring about 75 permanent jobs to Louisiana. Those jobs will be paying well too. The average salary for an employee will be $100,000 annually plus benefits.

Possibility Space was founded by Louisiana native Jeff Strain. He and his company have created and influenced some of the biggest online games in the industry's history. As of now, the studio's location has not been determined although it is believed the facility will be located in the New Orleans area. 

Branden Skeli via Unsplash.com

The company, Possibility Space is currently taking applications for those who might wish to pursue a career in video game design. You can view the opportunities and apply for a position via the company's website.

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